Impact investments in East Africa

Designit is a 500+ people strong Strategic Design consultancy that works with ambitious brands and business across 15 offices around the world.  We have deep knowledge of design, business strategy and technology, and work in this intersection to create new products and services that are desireable, feasible and viable.

When it comes to creating long-term sustainable businesses, we believe that access to quality support is as important as access to capital. In order to be able to offer the entrepreneurs and businesses a wide range of high-quality support, we have set up a sponsorship programme, where we team up with leading consultancy firms. As our sponsors, the firms are given the opportunity to be part of a valuable impact investment initiative, providing unique professional development to their employees and making a difference in a tangible, hands-on way. The sponsors and their employees bring a wide range of expertise and skills to the entrepreneurs and businesses, enabling the businesses to develop and grow. Through our sponsors, we are able to significantly improve and extend the support we are able to offer the entrepreneurs, and ultimately increase the impact on the ground.

We are very grateful for the support of our current sponsors - OPX Partners and Designit. To find out more about OPX Partners and Designit, please click on their respective logo below.

OPX Partners is a management consulting firm serving clients based in Northern Europe. We support companies in making and implementing decisions on strategic transformation and operational improvement. Our approach involves engaging experienced consultants in a joint working relationship with our clients. Through decisive, hands-on project leadership we achieve significant and lasting results.