Impact investments in East Africa

Our values

We believe that:   

  • small and medium sized businesses play a major role in the continued social and economic development of Rwanda and other East African countries.   
  • access to quality support is as important as access to capital.
  • understanding the importance of profitability is central to creating sustainable businesses with long-term impact on the communities they operate in.
  • investing in and supporting businesses with growth potential is a powerful way to support East African countries in their efforts to continue their social and economic development.

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​Who we are

The team behind East Africa Investments Ltd has been working with young entrepreneurs in Rwanda since 2012, supporting them in their efforts to start and grow their own businesses. Recognising that the lack of access to capital and adequate support constitute a major hindrance to the creation and growth of small businesses, the team decided to set up East Africa Investments Ltd - an  impact investment company, focused on bringing supportive capital to entrepreneurs in the East Africa region.