Impact investments in East Africa

BioMassters Ltd. is a pellet cooking company established in Rwanda in April 2020, setting out to prove that customer-centricity and enormous positive impact can go hand-in-hand with financial profitability.

They produce “made in Rwanda” pellet fuel out of biomass waste materials and supply Tier-4 gasification pellet stoves to our customers.

In the process of establishing a low-carbon cooking solution with a renewable fuel supply chain, BioMassters creates green jobs, contributes to a circular economy, sharply reduces emissions, reduces the cost of cooking for households and changes lives.

Their ‘PAYGO fuel + stove’ combination is the ‘least-cost, best-fit’ solution for the masses in urban Rwanda and beyond; a truly clean, affordable, sustainable, reliable and modern energy cooking solution.

To learn more about BioMassters, check their website here