Impact investments in East Africa

In 2021, we invested in Viebeg, a health tech company that, through an innovative procurement platform, provides high-quality medical and dental supplies as well as equipment in Central and East Africa. Their AI-powered solution de-risks and optimizes medical supply by taking control of the medical supply and demand network in hard to serve markets, allowing healthcare providers to procure automatically, transparently and efficiently via their platform.

Established in 2018, Viebeg has its main office and warehouse in Kigali, Rwanda, with an additional small office in Burundi. Prior to Covid-19 border closures, Viebeg was also supplying Goma in DRC and this will be a focus market as soon as the borders reopen. In addition, they are planning on entering the Kenyan market with fast moving niche products in dentistry and will increase their product range step-by-step.

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